lauantai 25. maaliskuuta 2017

Zehra Doğan

kun sinä vaikenet
kahdeksi vuodeksi
yhdeksäksi kuukaudeksi
ja kahdeksikymmeneksi kahdeksi päiväksi

me emme vaikene
vaan huudamme
sinunkin puolestasi


while you fall silent
for two years
nine months
and twenty two days

we do not
instead we shout
with you absent voice


όσο εσύ θα σωπαίνεις
για δύο χρόνια
εννέα μήνες
και είκοσι δύο μέρες

εμείς δεν θα μείνουμε σιωπηλοί
αντί αυτού θα κραυγάζουμε
με την απούσα φωνή σου


när du tiger
i två år
nio månader
och tjugotvå dagar

kommer vi inte att tiga
utan skriker
också för dig


Dear friends!

I feel powerless every time an artist is silenced by oppression. Zehra Doğan was imprisoned for painting what she saw with her own eyes. I know a poem alone cannot change the world, but maybe people who read it can. The poem is originally written by me, but it's not my voice. It's Zehra's voice. It's the voice of every painter, poet, sculptor or an artist. It's your voice!

Please share this poem to you friends around the world. Tell them how our voice is being silenced. And if you think you can translate the poem to yet another language please do! You can send your translation to me at If you don't want your credits mentioned tell me about it in your mail.

We will not be silenced!

Original poem in Finnish: Lasse Hauerwaas
English translation: Lasse Hauerwaas and Kasper Salonen
Greek translation: Elpida Manimani
Swedish translation: Pauliina Lindholm